Nearly 2,000 years ago the greatest Person Who has ever lived gave the greatest challenge that has ever been given. That challenge was to take His message of love and forgiveness to every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth. (Matthew 28:20)

Whenever possible Jesus would use simple, everyday, earthly examples, called parables, to help clarify and communicate a heavenly truth. That is the purpose of this VISUAL presentation of the Gospel.

Studies have revealed that after 24 hours the average person will only remember 6% of what he or she hears, but they will remember about 60% of what they see. This insight has been at the heart of our ministry efforts since the earliest days of Andre’s outreach efforts and our Books, Videos, and Visual Aid resources are all designed to help YOU share the greatest story ever told. The 3 Ball Illustration and Pocket Gospel are both visual presentations of the Gospel that makes it possible for a person to not only hear but also to SEE the Good News. They can see the problem, they can see the solution, and they can see the results of receiving Christ. Below you can see each of these presentations that have been witness by millions of people all over the world.

Stage Production Version of the 3 Ball Illustration
This stage version was designed to be much larger than most theaters or performance venues would fit, yet the 3 Ball Illustration is essentially the same as the one you can purchase to use ‘Any Time, Any Place’.


Student Version of the Pocket Gospel