Our Team

André Kole

André Kole

Founder & Director

André Kole has been acclaimed America’s foremost inventor of magical effects and was named ‘Inventor of the Decade’ by the International Magicians Society. He has mystified millions in the last several decades with his elaborate and baffling full-stage productions of illusion.

Investing as much as 60% of his time each month while on tour, he has performed throughout the United States and in 80 countries of the world. Millions of individuals have witnessed his incredible talent via his live spectaculars and televised appearances that have aired in over 40 countries.

Kole, who has likely performed in more countries of the world than any magician in history, has bridged many language barriers with his universal art of magic and illusion. In addition to his performances, he has spent more than 30 years investigating psychic phenomena and controversial mysteries.

As a part of his elaborate stage production, André Kole exposes some of the fraudulent and deceitful hoaxes prevalent in many parts of the world. He also shares some of his earliest revelations on which he gives the truth behind transcendental levitation, dematerializations, the Bermuda Triangle mystery, the occult, communication with the dead and much more.

André’s ministry has impacted millions throughout his career, primarily through live events that required the audience to be in the ‘same place at the same time’ as the rest of the live audience for them to experience its direct impact. With approximately one million people indicating a first time decision to invite Christ into their lives through such a live show, it’s exciting to see the incredible impact this touring chapter of the ministry was able to have. André is excited for this new ‘Any Time, Any Place’ chapter of his outreach passion can have and invites a new generation to join him in this effort.

Tim Kole

Tim Kole

Associate Director & Consultant

Tim Kole has clearly become a major force in today’s world of magic, combining a powerful performance with dynamic and original illusions, many of which can be seen nowhere else in the world. Tim is the son of world renowned magician and inventor of magical illusions, André Kole. Performing with his father in over thirty countries and all fifty states, Tim has been able to nurture and develop his talents from a very young age.

A few of Tim’s many performing highlights include being featured on the Discovery Channel’s SECRETS, opening the NASCAR awards banquet from the Waldorf Astoria in New York on ESPN, and being featured on the WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC television special on NBC. Tim both opened and closed the CHAMPIONS OF MAGIC television special for ABC from Monaco, where he presented two new original illusions.

Most recently, he spent a year starring in the multi-million dollar production MYSTERIA, at the world’s largest hotel complex, Genting Highlands City of Entertainment in Malaysia, where the show broke all box office records for the resort chain!

Tim has produced and toured throughout the world with his own large scale show of comedy, dance, exotic animals, and his original signature magic and illusions. Tim continues to fine tune his performance skills, as well as develop new presentations, which are sure to secure his place as a true master of magic and grand illusion.

For over a decade now, Tim has worked exclusively at his father’s side once again, producing, directing, and creating new ways to share with others their deep personal faith in Christ.

Errin Hogan

Errin Hogan

Producer & Consultant

We first met Errin in the 90’s while on tour in the Pacific NW and he joined us for the next 2 seasons a month later. He’s a magician / magical inventor (he invented the world’s first ‘Virtual Magic Kits’ on the iPhone) and a Christian with a heart for outreach. We watched as he soaked up all the insights, knowledge, and details of the ins and outs of making a live touring show outreach “work” and he even helped contribute to increasing our book tables sales with helping to modernize our product presentation in the lobby for before and after the show.
Since he stopped touring with us, he remained friends with the team and for nearly 2 decades now Errin has specialized in helping micro businesses (1-5 member teams) and non profits accomplish their storytelling goals in ANY media (branding, print, video, direct mail, online, live events, and more). By being able to help those with the tightest budgets accomplish their goals of connecting with an audience, Errin’s been able to cut to the core of storytelling efforts and refine a process he brings to the André Kole Outreach team with his leadership in what we are now calling Any Place, Any Time Outreach (think digital studios) while helping André’s Legacy reach out to the next 10,000,000 people in the next 5+ years as their stated goal.
Helmut Teichert

Helmut Teichert

Adviser & Board of Directors

Helmut is a dear friend of of the ministry who received Christ during one of André’s performances.

Helmut has nearly 40 years experience in multimedia production, including more than 20 years of leadership experience with Campus Crusade For Christ International (Cru), with 18 years of that experience as Executive Director of Paragon Productions, Cru’s multimedia production ministry.

Helmut more recently was also the Executive Director for BrightMedia Foundation where he was responsible for the media projects of Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade.

He now serves as the Executive Director of Henry Brandt Ministries and Director of Operations for JesusOnline Ministries. These world wide web ministries have attracted more than 50 million visitors collectively! We are very excited and feel blessed to have Helmut so involved in the process as we push forward with the creation of André Kole Outreach.