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There’s something intriguing about the supernatural. It seems that a huge part of the world today wants to believe that it could be real … does believing mean we are then forced to accept these phenomena and our world in a different way? Are miracles just ancient tales and stories designed to create a faith in something or someone? Is magic just slight of hand, or is there something supernatural in the illusions performed?


André Kole has performed in more countries than any other magician in history. In addition to performing in all 50 states of the United States, he has performed in 80 countries on five continents, including performances on national television in over 40 countries.


For 50 years André Kole traveled with his Magical Spectacular stage show carrying 5 tons of Theatrical Illusions and Gear to perform his 90+ minute Evening of Wonder. If he wanted to show it to another audience, they had to be in the same place and the same time with him for that to happen. We are honoring the era of his touring show by creating new ‘Any Time, Any Place’ tools that you can use to share the same life changing insights that his live shows did.


In the coming year the next generation of André’s Legacy continues … where he is the subject of a documentary film now in production … and the André Kole Outreach Team will be releasing online and physical resources that help YOU tell the Greatest Story Ever Told to those in YOUR Spheres of Influence.

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This online outreach is a re-imagining of The André Kole Magical Spectacular and his World of Illusion shows for the ‘Any Time, Any Place’ world we live in today. For decades, Andre presented LIVE ON STAGE phenomena that was straight out of the headlines, movies and TV:

Do the Dead Return?

Can Levitation Be Real?

To Where does The Bermuda Triangle Make Things / People Vanish?

… and many more!!

This Online Interactive Show, allows the audience to choose the questions and curiosities THEY want to dig into and it draws from the past 50 years of André’s performances to show film and video shot in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE, where he has recreated what appears to be Paranormal Phenomena. Most of the footage presented here will be unique to this online experience and this is different content than the documentary that Andre’s story is at the center of in the coming year.

APPEARING SOON –  a ‘Sneak Peak’ at this Now In Production 24/7 Digital Show.


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